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R&K Company Limited (Design of telecommunications equipment and Development and Production)

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  • From Tokyo-Sta. “KODAMA” 1H15min.
  • From Nagoya-Sta. “KODAMA” 1H35min.
  • From ShinOsaka-Sta. “KODAMA” 2H50min.
  • From Tomei Fuji Interchange 20min.
  • From ShinFuji-Sta. 5min.
ShinFuji -> R&K, 2km 5min. by taxi.
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R&K Company Limited
721-1 Maeda, Fuji-city, Shizuoka-Pref. 416-8577 JAPAN URL:
All Rights Reserved, Copyright(C) 2007, R&K Company Limited.

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