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R&K Company Limited (Design of telecommunications equipment and Development and Production)

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R&K is dedicated, through continuous research and development, to producing highly reliable electronics technology products that will contribute to building global prosperity and a better environment.

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Trade Name R&K Company Limited
Location 721-1 Maeda, Fuji-City, Shizuoka-Pref. 416-8577 Japan MAP

+81-545-31-2600 (Main)
+81-545-31-2606 (Domestic Sales Dept.)

+81-545-31-2609 (Overseas Sales Dept.)
FAX +81-545-31-1600 (Main)
E - mail (Main)
Establishment August 1977 --- Started Business as R&K Laboratory
February 1980 --- R&K Laboratory changed to R&K Company Limited
President Reichiro Kobana
Capital JPY 60,000,000-
Fiscal Year July 1 to June 30
Core business Development, Designing, Manufacturing, Sales, and Import/Export of RF/Microwave Components, Devices, and Systems
Employees 85 (as of Dec. 31, 2017)
Bank account Resona Bank, Limited (Hamamatsu Branch)
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (Shizuoka Branch)
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2009 Capital was increased to JPY 60,000,000- in Jun. 2009.
2007 R&K Co., Ltd. was certified to ISO9001:2000 in February 2007. (Certificate Range: Design, Development, and Manufacturing of RF/Microwave Products (Connectorized, SMD, and 8PIN packages) in R&K catalog) 
2006 In March, 2006, a patent was applied for “Amplifier Circuit”.
2005 In March, 2006, a patent was applied for “Amplifier Circuit for Broadcasting”. (in collaboration with Japan Broadcasting Corporation) 
2004 The 10-storied second factory building was constructed next to the main factory building in Aug. 2004. The purpose of this second building is to increase our manufacturing capacity in response to the fast-growing wireless communication market in Asia.
2003 The volume of PHS Power Amplifier Shipment reached 1.2 million pcs in 2003.
2002 The volume of PHS Power Amplifier Shipment reached 1.0 million pcs in 2002.
2002 The 8-storied main factory building in Maeda, Fuji-City was completed in Jan. 2002.
2000 The volume of PHS Power Amplifier Shipment reached 20K pcs in 2000.
1995 R&K introduced the latest products such as surface mount devices, very broadband power amplifiers, and communications amplifiers. R&K started to ship power amplifiers for PHS Base Stations in 1996. 
1991 Research & Development of Power Amplifier for PHS Base Station started in 1995.
1990 Capital was increased to JPY 40,000,000- in Dec. 1991.
1988 Capital was increased to JPY 20,000,000- in Oct. 1990.
1984 Continued investment in advancing the art in RF products such as the following: accelerator controls for nuclear study, medical hyperthermia, both components and equipment for communication, MRI, ESR, supersonic microscopy, and other custom designed products.
1983 R&K started R&D to develop MRI system for liquid application, which was to measure the very small polarity differential of the hydrogen nucleus. Finally R&K started R&D to develop MRI system for medical applications. After 1982, R&K produced a few systems every month for several major customers.
1982 R&K started manufacturing custom products such as limited bandwidth power amplifiers, nuclear fusion PLASMA heater control circuits, ultra high-speed spectrum expander/compressors, accelerator phase/level lock control circuits, LASER drivers for modern printing machines, V.L.B.I. (very long wave interferometer) image rejection down converters, and a direction finding system to locate jamming of T.V. broadcasts. In May, 1981, a patent was applied for a multiple decade bandwidth RF linear phase shifter.
1980 R&K Laboratory became R&K Company Limited with initial capital of JPY 5,000,000- in February 1980.
1979 Rapid growth followed through a key account approach in tiny RF components for test equipment and other communication markets and state of the art accelerators for high energy physics study.
1977 R&K Laboratory was founded with JPY 300,000- by R. Kobana as its sole-proprietor in August 1977, and began shipping and advertising of RF Double Balanced Mixers in late 1978.
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  • Obedience to the Law ( Constitution / Law / Social Norms / Traffic Regulations )
  • Customer Satisfaction ( Response / Delivery / Technology / Performance / Price )
  • Reliability ( Target is Long durability of 15 years excluding power supply )
  • Safety ( Work Safety / Environmental Safety / Social Safety )
  • Health ( Periodic Medical Examination / Exercise / Diet / Mental Health )
  • Company Satisfaction ( Rationality / Profit / Potentiality / Employee Satisfaction )
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Giving first priority to Customer Satisfaction, R&K satisfies customers by providing them with High-Reliability & High-Quality Products continuously in a timely manner, and contribute to the growth of society, in conformity with R&K Corporate Management Principles.

  • Grasp the needs of customers, meet their requirements & expectations, and supply products conforming to laws & regulations.
  • Continuously improve the Effectiveness of the Quality Management System.
  • Set Quality Objectives and develop Improvement Activities.
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R&K Company Limited
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